Excalibur Dehydrator

The Excalibur Compact Dehydrator sets the industry standard for overall design and value. Pride of workmanship and quality are the trademarks of Excalibur Products and the 4500/4900 series carries on in this tradition. Excalibur Dehydrators are simple to use and will provide years of quality service.

32cm high x 43cm wide x 48.5cm deep.
Flat Rate Shipping $15



4500 - 5 Tray, White or Black
$360.00 + Shipping = $375.00 inc GST

4526T - 5 Tray, White or Black with 26 hr timer
$390.00 + Shipping = $405.00 inc GST

4900 - 9 Tray, White or Black
$440.00 + Shipping = $455.00 inc GST

4926T - 9 Tray, White or Black with 26 hr timer
$470.00 + Shipping = $485.00 inc GST

Teflex Sheets

These flexible sheets are coated with a Dupont Teflon surface for preparing your fruit leathers, rollups & natural sweet treats. The foods peel off quickly & clean up is easy. Sheets are made specifically so you can use them over & over again. Teflex sheets are used for dehydrating semi-liquids (such as pureed fruits) or really sticky items that would normally drip through the mesh sheets that are included with the dehydrator.

1 Sheet ($16.50 + $3 Shipping)
= $19.50
5 pack ($71.50 + $3 Shipping)
= $74.50
9 pack ($128.70 + $5 Shipping)
= $133.70

Vitamix Blender

The amazing NEW Vitamix TNC 5200 makes whole food juice, cooks steaming hot soup from scratch, and even makes healthy, homemade ice cream!
Everything is done in just MINUTES with NO ATTACHMENTS! This amazing machine performs over 50 different culinary jobs with ease - and can easily replace 10 kitchen appliances. No matter who you are you can Look Better, Feel Better, Live Longer and have a lot more time to enjoy life! Buy your Vitamix machine today!

Vitamix: $895 + Shipping = $920.00 inc GST
Flat Rate Shipping: $25.00

Domestic Vitamix machines used in a commercial capacity do NOT carry any warranty Vitamix TNC 5200 – 7 year warranty - Parts and Labour against Manufacturers Faults Vitamix Blade Assembly - will only deteriorate through abuse. Vitamix does NOT cover under warranty, however will cover under warranty once only in the warranty period of the particular Vitamix Vitamix Wet and Dry Jugs - cracked, etched or discoloured are normal wear and tear, therefore is NOT cover under warranty. Vitamix Blender Drive Socket/Clutch - will only deteriorate through abuse, therefore is NOT covered under warranty  

Nut Milk Bag

This Nut Milk Bag is the best one I have used until now. It is of the highest quality, made in the USA. Easy to use and versatile, can be used to make nut milks, juices or even use as a sprouting bag. These bags are also very easy to clean. Just a quick rinse with warm soapy water then hang it up in your kitchen to dry then pack it away to use for next time. Gives a smooth silky Milk or Juice, without any pulp seeping through. For a demonstration of how to use this item, please see my Almond Milk demo available on my YouTube Channel “rawlivingfoodsace”.

1 Nut Milk Bag: $20 + $4.95 shipping = $24.95





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