Raw Living Food Classes in Melbourne and Sydney
In these Raw Food classes you will learn how to confidently prepare recipes, eat consciously and apply what you have learnt in your daily lifestyle. Class numbers are kept at a reasonable size so that everyone will have enough time and personal attention to ensure that all the information is fully absorbed and understood. The foundation classes are designed for beginners.

The foundations are the building blocks of any journey. At Raw Living Foods we know it is important to get the basics right. Learning from a certified living food Educator and Instructor is beneficial in ensuring that you will have the most accurate information that will enable you to navigate yourself wisely and reach optimal health.


Foundations of Raw Living Foods

The Foundations course is designed to provide you with a complete and comprehensive introduction to the Raw Living Food lifestyle. Classes are based on the teachings of the true pioneers and experts of Living Food such as Dr Ann Wigmore. The Foundations series will teach you the tools, the techniques and the knowledge that will put you on the right track to really thrive.

There are three levels of the Foundation classes, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. All 3 classes are based on the authentic teachings of Dr Ann Wigmore. You do not need to book the entire series all at once; classes can be booked one level at a time if you prefer.

Level 1 – Rebuild – Rebuilding your Health

  • Dr Ann Wigmore teachings
  • Acid/alkaline balance in the body
  • Reverse aging, grey hair, healing the body
  • Flushing heavy metals and toxins, residues from long use of pharmaceuticals
  • Eliminating mucus & Candida
  • Purifying the blood
  • Plant Protein
  • Cleansing the colon: colonics, enemas
  • Electrolytes
  • Tools you need to kick start your journey
  • 8 recipes plus variations, we will wrap up with a beautiful dessert
  • Recipe book to take home
  • Come with an appetite for generous tastings!

Level 2 – Repair – Rebuilding your Health (continued)

  • Ann Wigmore's Principles
  • Soaking
  • Sprouting
  • Fermenting
  • Rejuvelac, the most important drink of the living food lifestyle!
  • Intro to Dehydrating plus making your first yummy delicious breakfast treat
  • Knife Skills
  • Storage of food
  • Gut Bacteria, taking care of your temple’s internal garden
  • 8 recipes plus variations, we will wrap up with a mouth-watering dessert
  • Recipe book to take home
  • Come with an appetite for generous tastings!

Level 3 – Reconnect – Rebuilding your Health (continued)

  • Ann Wigmore's way
  • No more dairy cheese! Learn to make your first fermented nut-based cheese
  • Gourmet salad dressings
  • Pate/wraps and variations of rawesome crackers
  • Dehydration continues with delicious burgers
  • Nori Rolls, no-bean hummus, dips & more
  • 8 recipes plus variations, again we will wrap up with a decadent dessert
  • Recipe book to take home
  • Come with an appetite for generous tastings!

Raw Food Classes November, 2018
(Held in: Sydney, Australia)

Class Dates:
Level 1 - Sunday 11th November, 2018
Level 2 - Sunday 18th November, 2018
Level 3 - Sunday 25th November, 2018

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue Landmark: Sydney, Australia The Class is located 19 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District. Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent full confirmation via email with class information venue details.
Price: $179 per class

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Discount: Book all 3 classes for $507.
This must be transferred to Raw Living Foods account, once you have done this do send an email to ace@rawlivingfoods.com.au with your receipt number to recieve a confirmation.

* Bank transfer details: Raw Living Foods - Commonwealth Bank - BSB: 063177 - Account: 10195258
** Please note: We are unable to offer refunds for any of the classes or courses; if you are unable to attend we will happily transfer you to a future class

Raw Dessert Class August, 2018
(Held in: Sydney, Australia)

Would you love to learn how to prepare simple, easy desserts that are dairy free, gluten free, guilt free? That contain no preservatives, no refined sugars or artificial ingredients of any kind? Indulge your sweet tooth and delve into the delightful art of Raw Desserts!

5 delicious desserts, generous tastings included, and a full recipe book to take home with you.

Class Date: Sunday 26th August, 2018
All classes 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue Landmark: Sydney, Australia The Class is located 19 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District. Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent full confirmation via email with class information venue details.
Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent a full confirmation email and venue details.
Price: $170

Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts Wedding Cake Certification Course
(Held in: Sydney, Australia)

Learn how to make Raw Gourmet Wedding cake just in this 2 day intensive training course.

Note: Prerequisite to take this class is the Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts Course, or prior experience/training is a must to take this course.

Class Date: Class held upon request
Both classes 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue Landmark: Sydney, Australia The Class is located 19 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District. Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent full confirmation via email with class information venue details.
Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent an email with full course and venue details.
Class Size: 5 people maximum.
Price: $1,375

Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts Certification Course
September, December 2018

(Held in: Sydney, Australia)

3 Day intensive training -

September 2018 Dates:

  • Friday 7th September, 2018
  • Saturday 8th September, 2018
  • Sunday 9th September, 2018

December 2018 Dates:

  • Friday 7th December, 2018
  • Saturday 8th December, 2018
  • Sunday 9th December, 2018
Time: Start 10:30am - Finish 6:30pm
Price: $2,300
Venue Landmark: Sydney, Australia The Class is located 19 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District. Once you have booked and paid, you will be sent full confirmation via email with class information venue details.
Class Size: 7 people maximum.

Private classes are available upon request.

Interstate Students: If you are travelling from interstate and are attending the course, do send me an email so that I can provide you with accommodation details and other information.
EMAIL ace@rawlivingfoods.com.au
Airport distance from venue: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is 17kms from the venue.

Once you have made a Deposit or full Payment for the course, SEND an email to ace@rawlivingfoods.com.au and notify Ace - Jasmine Rosen of which Course date you will be attending, Once that is received, you will then be forwarded full confirmation of course details.

The course differs from Ace’s classes in that it offers professional business training that will fully prepare you to work in the field. For this reason we are unable to offer the Concession discount that we do for other classes. However, Ace always does her best to make all of her programs as accessible as possible, and so we are happy to offer the option of paying by installments, if preferred, as outlined below:

The course will consist of intensive hands-on training. You will learn every step of the process of making Ace’s top 10 selling cakes, plus she will empower you with the knowledge and skills so that you can ignite your creativity and create unlimited variations of your own.

You will receive all the knowledge that you need to know including information about Binders, Variations, where to purchase products, tools and gadgets, ingredients and more.

All tools and ingredients used throughout the course are provided and you will receive the comprehensive Recipe book and detailed instructional workbook used during the course.

The course is fully hands-on, you will be making all 10 cakes and of course you will also get to taste your creations on the final day.

Upon completion of the course you will have gained the confidence and skills to work professionally in the ‘hotspot’ field of Raw Pastry Arts. You will also be presented with a Statement of Attainment acknowledging that you have successfully completed training under Raw Living Foods with Certified Gourmet Raw Pastry Arts Teacher / Chef Ace.

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that you will have ample individual time and attention to enjoy a thorough learning experience. The total course fee is $2,300. The course is an investment and one that will equip you with skills and knowledge that only very few people possess in Australia, or indeed anywhere in the world.

  • Option A:
    1 Payment = $2,300

  • Option B:
    4 Payments x $575 = $2,300
    First Payment $575 (we will contact you to arrange for other payments)

Student Reviews For: Foundations of Raw Living Foods

“I absolutely loved the class and recipes. In fact I had put my spiralizer away because the dishes I made in the past were too bland. Now I’m inspired! I learnt something about how to use a knife from her in the first class and it was very valuable. I think she is a wealth of information. The class was streamlined but still left enough time for questions and discussion. She is friendly and makes you feel important by the way she responds to the needs of both the class and individual. Please thank her for the special consideration she gave me with some of the dishes. I have stacks of food intolerances and hate making those things a big deal. Thank you again.”

-Donna D

“Ace's passion for Raw Living food shines through from the minute you walk in the door to one of her classes. It was an interactive class which I loved, the information shared was valuable and informative. I have been practicing partly Raw for around 6 years now and Ace's class was worth every cent. Thank you so much Ace for sharing your passion to the world, I really look forward to attending many more of your classes your doing an amazing job well done.”

-Rachael C

“Fantastic! Good value for money! The food was superb. Ace was very knowledgeable, very approachable and most importantly - natural. The size of the group was perfect as it kept the group more intimate and manageable. Large workshops I have attended before meant you couldn't ask the presenter questions or get involved "up close and personal"! I met some lovely and very interesting individuals whom I hope stay in touch.”

-Sandy P

“My experience was that for people who start looking into Raw food this is an excellent class. I am looking forward to Level 2.”

-Edwin K

“Ace's class was fantastic. I have only got onto the Raw Food Revolution in the last few months and there is a lot to read and take in. Least of all problems are that many of the things that you read contradict other things. Ace really took the time to answer all of our questions and she backed up the information that she gave us with research and renowned raw food teachers. She did a fantastic job. On top of that, she also showed us that it was possible to be raw without needing a dehydrator, which was one of the things holding me back. I left the class truly inspired and cannot wait for Level 2. Thanks so much.”

-Fran H
Student Reviews For: Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts Course

“Was awesome! Highly, highly recommended. Would come back and complete again and again. Ace has so much knowledge in Raw Foods. Ace is very giving and shares her knowledge even if it is a question asked off topic regarding health and wellbeing. I hope that Ace provides further classes in the future so I can further my studies in this field. I would recommend anyone wanting to change their life for the better to come and participate in Ace's classes, you wont be disappointed. Ace, I can't wait for the new classes next year.”

-Alison Radford (Melbourne, Australia).

“The course was amazing! I've been doing so much trial and error at home and all the things I've been struggling with were covered in this course. I'm so grateful for all the tips and tricks I learnt in this course, which is going to make my cake making so much easier! Ace is very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. I'm so glad I followed my intuition to come to Melbourne to complete the course. I'm feeling very inspired, motivated and confident and can't wait to get home and in the kitchen. Thank you Ace!!”

-Melissa Banks (Gold Coast, Australia).

“The amount of information and knowledge that I gained through Ace's Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts course was above and beyond my expectations. A beautifully thought out course that has left me inspired, confident and full of knowledge. I will be going back to any course she offers knowing that I will be gaining some of the best knowledge in the industry. And a beautiful, kind soul to boot! Thank you so much Ace!”

-Julia McVay (Melbourne, Australia).

“This course was well worth the investment. What I learnt went beyond how to make a raw cake. The steps Ace gave to achieve the perfect raw cake, making a crust, what steps to blend ingredients, how to get a smooth top etc. was spectacular. This course is more than learning to make a raw cake. It teaches you how to transfer this into a career. It is great that Ace is allowing us to use these recipes for our own business, sending customers our way and only being a phone call away for any questions that we have. Ace, has become a mentor for all of us in this amazing course.”

-Ashlea Minicozzi (Melbourne, Australia).

“Ace's Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts Certification course has completely exceeded all my expectations. I knew that I'd be receiving quality recipes that were tried and tested, but I don't believe this is even the most valuable part. What I have found the most valuable is the method with which Ace "creates" each cake. The love, attention and care that goes into each step from the base to the fillings to the decorations feels like it's a sacred experience and this I believe is why these cakes taste and feel so incredible. Thank you for being an incredible role model for greatness. I am really inspired to be brilliant at my craft with a very high benchmark that you've created. Looking forward to the journey. Thank you again Ace!”

-Joelle Vadas (Melbourne, Australia).

“I found Ace's Raw Gourmet Pastry Arts class to be very informative and interactive, learning all the little gems that make Raw Pastry Arts a true art. Learning how to make these beautiful cakes professionally is the key to the business. Ace taught us exactly that professionalism. I can't wait for her Wedding Cake class, thank you Ace for all your encouragement!”

-Christine Neofito (Melbourne, Australia).

“The knowledge that I picked up from Ace was great, even from the first 5 minutes of the course. I have gained so many skills which I will carry into my business. Thank you Ace for an enjoyable and fun 3 days!”

-Diane Redman (Sydney, Australia).

“There was something that was drawing me to Ace and I could never put my finger on why and now I know. This course is one of a kind and you will not find it anywhere else. If you are thinking about doing it, do it you will have no regrets. I have learnt so much tips and tricks in making these special cakes. I am so excited to go home and put what I learned into practice. Thank you Ace! ”

-Amy Farrell (Tasmania, Australia).

Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.
~ Hippocrates 460 B.C.


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