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Raw Living Foods is dedicated to helping people integrate more living foods into their daily diet and lifestyle. With easy food preparation, you can simply improve your health, lose weight, prevent illness and have increased energy, clarity and Longevity.

This could be the beginning of a transformation for you…
Detox with Ace 2nd June - 15th June 2014, in beautiful Bodrum / Turkey

Raw Food ClassesIn all programs, the aim is to motivate people to pursue a healthier, livelier and more energetic life. We believe that with correct nutrition, a positive mind and a supportive lifestyle, the body has an inherent capability to heal itself and to achieve optimum health.

Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to become a guide and life coach to help lead people towards a balanced lifestyle and optimum health.

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Raw Food Classes

Raw Food ClassesIn these classes you will learn how to confidently prepare recipes, eat consciously and apply what you have learnt in your daily lifestyle.

Class numbers are kept at a reasonable size so that everyone will have enough time and personal attention to ensure that all the information is fully absorbed and understood.

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Ace's Raw Vegan Organic Cakes
Do you have a Birthday coming up? Do you have friends coming over for dinner? Want to take a delicious Raw Vegan cake over to your mother’s? Or maybe you just want a healthy treat for the weekend…

Ace's Raw Vegan Organic CakesNo dairy, No eggs, No flour, No margarine, No refined sugar, Gluten free, No gelatine, Non GMO, No artificial colouring, No preservative

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