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Kale Chips - Raw Living Foods Nature provides us with food in its complete, wholesome form, which naturally vibrates on a high frequency and contains life force energy. When we ingest this life force energy, we begin to vibrate on the same high frequency that the food provides, feeling alive and looking vibrant. This ‘living’ food can have amazing healing effects on the entire body, from the inside out.

Cooking at high temperature destroys the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, effectively ‘killing’ the food. Eating dead food deprives you of the vital life force energy which is lost in the cooking process. These elements are crucial for proper digestion and maintaining optimum health and total well-being.

Living foods are prepared in such a way that there is no need for excessive heat to be applied. In the Living food lifestyle, some of the techniques used to prepare the recipes include: Fermenting, Soaking, Activating, Sprouting, Blending and Dehydrating.

This is a vegan lifestyle

Hibiscus WineThis vegan lifestyle is plant-based and includes some Nuts, Seeds, Leafy greens, Herbs, Vegetables, Sea Vegetables, Fruits, some medicinal Superfoods and more. In the Raw Living Foods Lifestyle there is NO Animal Products used in any of the recipes, so this means that there is:

  • No Animal Flesh
  • No Dairy
  • No Cheese
  • No Eggs
  • No Yoghurt

No Refined, Processed or Genetically Modified ingredients are used to prepare the recipes.

Most dishes are gourmet and delicious

As you gain an understanding of the Living Food lifestyle and learn how the food is actually prepared, you will soon realise how important it is to be conscious of the food that you choose to consume each day. Adding more Living Foods to your current eating habits could help you prevent illness & disease.

Kirilian photographs of the life-force energy of raw living food.


You Are What You Eat!

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